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Northwest Physical Therapy is a privately owned, comprehensive therapy provider offering exemplary care for people of all ages and challenges. Northwest Physical Therapy’s associates exceed the expectations of our patients and the standards of our industry while respecting the patient’s choice of rehab providers. Northwest Physical Therapy’s associates contribute to the communities in which they work and reside by changing lives…one step at a time.
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Since 1993, we have grown to include 4 locations in northwest Ohio and employ some of the best people in the tri-state area.

Northwest Physical Therapy partners with quality health care providers to serve your needs in your own home (home health care) or skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes).

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Everything you need to continue your recovery at home.

Read What Our Patients Have To Say

  • Gary K.

    Convenience and a great staff. That’s why I chose NWPT – Bluffton. Thank you!

  • Sharon R.

    God spared my life from a car accident…and NWPT took me from a wheelchair to walking in 2-1/2 weeks.

  • Renee D.

    I had severe shoulder pain that was continuous…with physical therapy, I felt relief almost instantly!

  • Betty J.

    When I first got here, I could hardly walk. I am now done and can do things I could not do before I came.

  • Randy A.

    They were willing to schedule visits that worked around your schedule. Very personable staff, thanks a lot.

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