Our Story

Where has 25 years gone?

Seems like yesterday we were moving to Northwest Ohio in Putnam County and had no idea where we actually were and certainly had no inkling we would be here 25 plus years later.

This journey for an Iowa Hawkeye and Indiana Hoosier could not have happened without the help and support of so many...many of them helping hands of some pretty awesome Buckeyes 🙂 ...

We want to offer our gratitude and sincere thanks 🙂 to so many, including:

  • Ron Kahle Sr. Family - you were some of our very first friends and opened up your community (our first Pioneer days), shared your friends, and invited us into your families like we were your own. We truly would not still even be in Ohio without the meeting and friendship of this amazing family (Linda//Keith, Bruce/Linda, Sheryl/Steve, Ron/ Chris and Ron/Irma).
  • Entire Kalida Community - you all welcomed us into this community without reservation and we will always cherish our first 12 years in Putnam County living in your community. We continue to be very blessed by the support and loyalty of the people of Kalida.
  • Steve Krouse - for the awesome random artwork over his kitchen counter that resulted in our tried and true logo that still is used today for NWPT branding some 25 years later.
  • Barry VonderEmbse and the old Ohio Bank - for taking a risk with us and giving us the necessary capital to allow us to open our first door on Agner street in 1993. We were two strangers from two different states and had no real collateral to stand on other than our degrees and yet they took a leap and supported our dreams.
  • The late Jim Roof - for leasing us our very first space for the location of our business. He was a great man!
  • Again, our Kalida and Ottawa Griends - for all the helping hands with the painting and decorating setup of our first two offices.
  • Anita Loman - our first official employee who also took some great risks taking a job with complete strangers and having no idea if we would still be here a year later let alone 25. She continues to work with NWPT today :).
  • The Boys of Annandale - who also took a leap of faith and invited Brian and our company to join forces with them in building a new office building back in 1995. Our business only 2 years old was ready for a move and they came just in time to let us ride on their already successful business shirt tails.
  • The Union Bank - for continued support and financing when we needed it to keep growing especially in our last venture of building our new office space in 2006 which was quite an undertaking.
  • Kuhlman Builders - for helping us build this great office and being great friends.
  • Tony Hovest, Technicon Design Group - your wonderful expertise in design and floor plans. Sorry we could not put in more "curves" to your liking- ha! You truly have a gift- thanks for sharing with us.
  • Scott Hershberger - keeping our futures in line and secure for us and our employees by handling our company retirement program. A complicated world for all of us so thanks for all your patience with all our questions and concerns at times.
  • Chamber of Commerce of all the Various Communities we Serve - for all your support and cheerleading for not just us, but all the small locally owned businesses of their communities.
  • Pastor Ken Pollitz - for the continued prayers and support as friend, minister, bike partner (couldn't have done my ironman without him 🙂 and patron of our business.
  • Past Associates of NWPT - despite their journey taking them on a different path whether through a job change, retirement, relocation or staying home with their young children we are forever grateful for the fuel you gave this company to keep moving in the right direction and growing to meet the needs of our customers. We hope you all are doing well.
  • Our Parents - without the love, prayers and support of both our parents we could not have managed to take this leap. Thanks for instilling in us both the desire to be the best we can be, to push ourselves to step outside our comfort zone and take risks and most importantly the value of the customer. We both are blessed to have such great parents and family.
  • The local Newspapers - who have on many occasions helped us toot our own horn and have done a press release to share an accomplishment, a new development or an anniversary milestone.
  • Our current associates at NWPT.... Wow - we say all the time - our success could not have happened without each and every one of them. We will forever be grateful for all of their hours of time, energy, smiles, healing hands, encouraging voices, cheerleading, flexibility and devotion not just to NWPT and us but mostly to all their customers. You do truly change lives and thank you so much for again helping us look so good.
  • Lastly Brings us to Our Customers... Our gratitude cannot be expressed enough for you having faith in us and letting us be a very small part of your lives. You have entrusted us with your care whether to help you recover from a rotator cuff surgery, an ACL tear, total knee replacement or just get more fit and healthy, we feel humbled to be your choice in your health and rehab journey. We know there are many options out there and we sincerely THANK YOU for choosing us to help change your life. We're not perfect, but we hope we always do all we can to exceed your expectations and improve your life in some small way. Without all of you, we would not be here today.