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Northwest Physical Therapy Welcomes Katie Djurovic, MOT, as New Occupational Therapist

(OTTAWA, OHIO – November 14, 2023) Northwest Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the appointment of Katie Djurovic, MOT, as the newest Occupational Therapist to join its esteemed team. Katie brings with her a wealth of experience and a dedication to enhancing the lives of individuals through occupational therapy, with a primary focus on the home health settings. Katie Djurovic is a 2020 graduate of the University of Findlay, where she earned her Master of Occupational Therapy degree. Her passion for occupational therapy emerged from her work with individuals with disabilities, particularly those with developmental and intellectual disabilities, across various age groups. Her diverse experience includes working in acute care and pediatric settings, fostering her commitment to aiding individuals in achieving their goals and rediscovering a sense of self through therapy.
Expressing her excitement about joining Northwest Physical Therapy, Katie Djurovic stated, "I went into OT because I love helping people get back to what makes them feel like themselves and accomplish goals that make them feel good! I am very excited to be working in the home health setting and treating patients in their natural environment. I'm also so thrilled to be part of such a great team at NWPT."
Her dedication to advocacy aligns perfectly with Northwest Physical Therapy's commitment to providing exceptional care tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Katie's move back to Ohio from Texas reflects her commitment to serving the local community. "I consider myself an advocate for individuals with disabilities and will strive to be an advocate for any future clients," she added.   Katie Djurovic's addition to Northwest Physical Therapy reaffirms the organization's dedication to delivering high-quality, personalized care to individuals in need of occupational therapy services in the comfort of their homes.
  Northwest Physical Therapy, Inc. is a privately-owned, independent therapy provider that has been serving the Northwest Ohio area for 30 years with locations in Ottawa, Delphos, Lima and Bluffton. For more information about Northwest Physical Therapy, or to schedule an appointment, please visit www.northwestphysicaltherapy.com, email publicrelations@northwestphysicaltherapy.com, or call 419-890-5229.

Success Worth Writing About!

A testimony from one of our Lima Clinic patients, Deb (right), photographed with her therapist, Niki Stahl, PTA (left). October, 2023
"My name is Deborah (Deb) Osburn and I benefited from the skills of that team (NWPT) for two joint replacements in the past 5 years. The most recent one is why I write.
In February of this year, I fell and broke my hip.. badly. Snapped the ball completely off of my femur. My total hip replacement took place a day later and my therapy began 3 days after that.
The entire (NWPT) team was friendly, helpful, and determined to get me back to playing golf.
I worked mainly with Niki and she was as determined as I was to get me back to my favorite pastime.  I am a competitive player and was completely devastated by the injury, surgery, and the very slow beginning of treatment (meaning my progress). Through early April I thought I would never be able to play again. One early April day, Niki put a golf club in my hand and had me swing it. I was scared, but I did it, and suddenly I realized that it might be a possibility after all.
My last appointment was April 30th,  2023, and before I left  I told the team that if I was fortunate enough to play well enough to win some hardware, I was coming in for a group picture.
I did! Though it wasn't my best performance through the years of participating in the tournament, I did make it to the Finals of 2023 Lima Area Women's Match Play Tournament and finished as Runner Up. In addition, I did come in with my trophy and had a picture taken with Niki.
I just wanted to share my story in hopes that it would inspire others to keep the goal in focus and to rely on the outstanding team at Northwest Physical Therapy.

Congratulations Anita Loman on 30 Years!

This past month we reflected on a significant milestone in the history of Northwest Physical Therapy—the incredible thirty-year journey of our esteemed colleague, Anita Loman.
We came together to applaud Anita's unwavering dedication and commitment to our clinic. Her remarkable journey with us was marked by unbridled passion and a tireless work ethic that has inspired us all.
A special memory book was created to fill with heartfelt wishes and cherished memories. Many took the opportunity to share their favorite Anita moments.
Anita's tenure with us is not just about being an employee; she is a beloved friend and a vital member of our NWPT family.
We celebrated Anita with great enthusiasm, creating unforgettable memories as we commemorated this exceptional milestone.

Northwest Physical Therapy Provides Clinical Experience

Northwest Physical Therapy provides students with a quality and well-rounded learning experience that leaves them feeling more confident in their work!
"I feel that my clinical experience at Northwest Physical Therapy has prepared me well for my future career as a clinician. I would like to thank the PTs, PTAs, front office, and especially my CI, Kellie Birkemeier, for making these past 8 weeks so enjoyable. Everyone at Northwest Physical Therapy helped create a learning environment for me to succeed, and I look forward to applying the lessons and knowledge in my future clinical rotations and career!"
-Mark Kuhlman, Student Physical Therapist from The University of Findlay

Northwest Physical Therapy Donates to CAP

(OTTAWA, OHIO – July 3,, 2023) – Northwest Physical Therapy (NWPT) celebrated their thirtieth (30th) anniversary earlier this year with close friends, family, employees, and partners.  During the celebration donations were collected to donate to local organization, Putnam County Cancer Assistance Program (CAP). A total of $1,500 was raised for this worthy cause that means so much to many at NWPT. “Cancer has impacted many of us right here in our own company.  It’s something we feel strongly about supporting as we have seen the need and impact this organization has right here on our own team” states Wanda Dean, owner of NWPT. CAP is a volunteer ran, local organization that provides financial assistance to individuals with a cancer diagnosis in Putnam County. Northwest Physical Therapy, Inc. is a privately-owned, independent therapy provider that has been serving the Northwest Ohio area for over 30 years with locations in Ottawa, Delphos, Lima, and Bluffton. For more information about Northwest Physical Therapy, please visit www.northwestphysicaltherapy.com, email publicrelations@northwestphysicaltherapy.com, or call 419-890-5229.

Northwest Physical Therapy Welcomes Sarah Ricker, Vice President of Public Relations

(OTTAWA, OHIO – February 1, 2023) – Northwest Physical Therapy (NWPT) announces the hiring of Sarah Ricker as Vice President of Public Relations for the privately owned, comprehensive therapy provider in Northwest, Ohio. Since opening in 1993, the company has grown into four locations in northwest, Ohio and employ some of the best people in the tri-state area. Locations include Ottawa, Lima, Delphos, and Bluffton. Ricker comes to the company with vast experience in relationship building and marketing skills that the company believes will take the business to a new level. “We have known Sarah for many years and have always been impressed with her professionalism, people skills, and knowledge of marketing trends. Her ability to think outside of the box and navigate relationships with ease will elevate the company as we enter our thirtieth (30) year of business! We couldn’t be happier to have her join the NWPT family!” – Wanda (and Brian) Dean, founders of Northwest Physical Therapy. Sarah will play a critical role in the company’s marketing strategies, advertisement, community involvement, and patient referral goals for all four locations. Ricker’s passion in the therapeutic setting comes from having nearly 15 years of experience working with the special needs and youth population at Awakening Minds Art, a nonprofit organization that NWPT has had a relationship with in the past. The nonprofit organization was founded in 2009 by Ricker and she still provides leadership at the board level. For more information about Northwest Physical Therapy, please visit www.northwestphysicaltherapy.com, email publicrelations@northwestphysicaltherapy.com or call 419-523-9003

Sarah Ricker

Sricker@northwestphysicaltherapy.com Northwest Physical Therapy, Vice President of Public Relations